studyIn 2011 I finished my master's degree in computer science at the University of Copenhagen. DIKU (Department of Computer Science) is situated centrally on Nørrebro in Universitetsparken, together with a lot of the other science related subjects.

Due to my previous spare time work as a student counsellor, I only studied part time for three years. This is why my course of studies has been pushed around a bit.

Below I have scheduled the contents of my degree. Click the courses to see a detailed official description.

Master's degree (computer science)

2010/11 Thesis    
2009/10 - - Proactive Computer Security Design of User Interfaces and Data
Company Project Introduction to Compilers Database Tuning Project
2008/09 Optimization Problems in Production Planning - -
Computational Geometry Advanced Algorithmics Project Company Project

Bachelor's degree (mathematics)

2007/08 Data Networks - Operating Systems & Multi Programming First Year Project
2006/07 Functional Programming Object-oriented Programming Algorithms and Data Structures Distribution and databases
Bachelor's Project Architecture of Computers - -
2005/06 Measure and Integration Theory Theory of Science Complex Function Theory Bachelor's Project
Teaching Mathematics Mathematical Modelling Probability
& statistics 2
Operations Research 1
2004/05 Introduction to mathematics Linear Algebra Dis1&Alg1 Analysis 1
& statistics 1
Mathematical Methods Geometry 1 Algebra 2
    Computer Science Mathematics

All courses are weighed at 7.5 ECTS credits, except the bachelor's project (15 ECTS credits), the master's projects (varying credits) and the master's thesis (30 ECTS credits).

Below you will find a small selection of assignments and papers that have been done by me over the years. They are mostly in Danish with the newest ones at the top and all reading is of course completely on one's own risk!

Assignments, Mathematics

Course Assignments Language
Introduction to Operations ResearchAssignment 1 (104KB) | Assignment 2 (146KB) | Assignment 3 (116KB)Danish
JavaWeek 18 (71KB) | Week 19 (59KB) | Week 20 (73KB) | Week 21 (57KB) | Week 22 (62KB)Danish
Bachelor Project"Sports Scheduling" (3.1MB)Danish
Probability & Statistics 2Mandatory Assignment 1 (62KB) | Mandatory Assignment 2 (84KB)Danish
Complex AnalysisProject Assignment 1 (76KB) | Project Assignment 2 (370KB)Danish
Theory of Science, mathematical subjects"Bevisets Stilling" (495KB)Danish
Matematisk Modellering"Mathematical Injustice" (511KB) | "Barcodes" (302KB) | "Planning and Optimisation" (300KB)Danish
Measure and Integration TheoryAssignment 1 (partially) (193KB) | Assignment 2 (119KB) | Assignment 3 (116KB) | Assignment 4 (319KB)Danish
Algebra 2Mandatory Assignment (99KB)Danish
Analysis 1Assignment 1 (76KB) | Assignment 2 (104KB) | Assignment 3 (89KB) | Assignment 4 (88KB)Danish
Mathematical MethodNote collection (286KB)Danish
Third year assignment from upper secondary schoolMatrices and nXn equation systems (2.6MB)Danish
Collection of formulas for the TI-83 calculatorMATFORML.83p (15KB)Danish

Assignemnents, Computer Science

Course Assignments Language
Master Thesis"Usability evaluation of NemID - an examination of authentication in citizen-centered IT systems" (8.9MB)Danish
Project"Usability of authentication in web applications - a literature review" (1.0MB)English
Advanced Data ManagementAssignments 1-3 (1.3MB)English
Introduction to CompilersG1 (89KB) | G2 (64KB) | G3 (135KB) | G4 (77KB) | G5 (80KB) | Graded Assignment (717KB)Danish
Company Project"Analysis of reinsertion of trains at DSB S-tog" (6.8MB)Danish
Project"Analysis of Taboo Search in JSSP" (602KB)English
OPPPLecture note on "A fast taboo search in JSSP" (277KB) |  Lecture note on Benders' Decomposition (147KB)English
First Year ProjectExam Project: Sudoku (10.6MB)Danish
Operating Systems & MultiprogrammingG1 (124KB) | G2 (131KB) | G3 (273KB) | G4 (157KB) | G5 (133KB) | G6 (43KB) | Exam (316KB)Danish
Data NetworksO1 (599KB) | O2 (169KB) | O3 (252KB) | O4 (217KB)Danish
Algorithms & Data StructuresAssignment 1 (57KB) | Assignment 3 (80KB) | Assignment 4 (84KB) | Assignment 5 (62KB)Danish
Architecture of ComputersG1 (3KB) | G2 (92KB) | G3 (214KB) | G4 (693KB)Danish
Object-oriented Programming & DesignExam Project, Galapagos, incl. report (2.1MB)Danish
Functional ProgrammingAssignment 1 (1KB) | Assignment 2 (3KB) | Assignment 3 (3KB) | Assignment 4 (4KB) | Assignment 5 (5KB) | Exam Project, MLDoc (23KB)Danish